Inspection / repair form

Please fill in the form below with the details of the product you wish to deliver for testing and your contact details

For the product to be covered by warranty you must present the purchase receipt or invoice at the time of delivery.

In addition, if the purchase is made with an invoice, the product must be accompanied by a Delivery Note upon delivery to our company. If a delivery note is not issued upon delivery, no product can be received and checked. 


You can also download the form here and send us the completed form via email to motocraft@motocraft.grwith subject Inspection / repair form.


Frequently Asked Questions  / Terms of use of service

Terms of use of service?
The Service department is open Monday - Friday 08:30 - 16:30

Is there a minimum check-in fee?
Yes, it is 60 €. If the damage is greater and needs further inspection you will be informed by the competent technician. If the product is repaired under warranty, there is no inspection fee.

Can you inform me about the exact cost before I bring my product to you?
Exact repair costs can not be given before inspection.

How long until my product is repaired?
In most cases we will need 1-5 working days to check. However, the repair depends on many factors (nature of the problem, availability of spare parts, etc.) and you will be informed by the competent technician for the time it will take.

What is the guarantee of the repair that will be done on my product?
The warranty we provide for each repair is 6 months. If your product warranty is higher, then you are covered by it.

Are batteries covered by a warranty?
Yes, 2 years or if they have not exceeded the charging cycles (set by each manufacturer).
Terms and Conditions for End-Users of Mastervolt batteries

What does the warranty cover?
The warranty covers the cost of spare parts and labor to repair any damage to the product, except those caused by accident, misuse or use of the product beyond its specifications.