Passion for the sea and starting Lambro Marine

Aristotelis Zeis, an active and restless businessman, was born in 1931 in Athens and made his first bussiness attempts in the motorcycle industry, achieving the representation of Innocenti - Lambretta, manufacturer of the popular scooters, in Greece. Before reaching the age of 30, he inaugurated the first scooter showroom at the corner of Marni and Averoff streets. Quick business success and high sales make him an up-and-coming entrepreneur in the industry.

In the early 1960's, a trip to northern Italy and a ride in a wooden Italian speedboat were the impetus for the idea of creating a shipyard in Greece. Thus, after his successful career in the motorcycle business, he shifted his focus to the sea, following a dream of many years and implementing a particularly innovative move for that time, founding the Lambro Marine shipyard.

He follows with dedication the developments of the international shipbuilding industry. He travels frequently and studies production methods, materials and equipment for new vessels. One of them, will be Carl Kiekhaefer, in Wisconsin, USA, the infamous founder of the innovative giant Mercury Marine. Lambro Marine will be the shipyard that will consolidate Mercury Marine's engines and propulsion systems in Greece and much of the Mediterranean!

In the following years, the shipyard will develope significant expertise in various types of vessels up to 25 meters, increasing the prestige of the Greek shipbuilding industry with continuous innovations, exports and distinctions. He would later go on to become the official dealer of Mercury Marine, the well-known manufacturer of marine engines and in 1961 he started building high quality wooden boats, fulfilling his business dream.

Lambro Marine's boats introduced the Greek public to yachting and became the backbone of the fleet of boats for our country's security forces. Patrol boats, fire boats, landing crafts, passenger boats, navigators were just a few of the numerous and diverse product categories that the shipyard produced.

Lambro Marine also had significant export activity involving yachts and boats, both for leisure and service use for governmental organizations abroad. Even after the end of this chapter, Lambro Marine has a strong legacy of respect and importance for Greece, unsurpassed in many areas to this day.

The foundation of MOTOCRAFT

Based on all the experience and know-how from Lambro Marine's activity, MOTOCRAFT was founded in 1996.

Today, 27 years after its foundation and more than half a century after the Zeis family first involvement with the sea, MOTOCRAFT is a market leader in the field of engines, propulsion systems, generators, marine equipment and boats.

Having cultivated strong and long-lasting partnerships with the most established foreign brands, MOTOCRAFT with its credibility, is the preferred partner in Greece and abroad.

Even today, the company maintains unchanged its customer-centric philosophy and undiminished efforts to provide better services and products and immediate response to its customers' needs.

MOTOCRAFT's specialized staff has experience, knowledge and love for the industry, and stands by the customer throughout the whole process of selection and purchase. Even more dynamic is the after-sales support that is a key component in the temperament of the company's founders, while continuous investments are made in training and systems to improve services.

The company has a retail department, but at the same time the largest volume of its client list consists of authorized partners throughout Greece, a very important and active part of the company, Greek boat manufacturers, importers, regional stores and other professionals in the field.

In addition, MOTOCRAFT has many years of close partnerships as a supplier to the Greek Army, Coast Guard, Navy, Air Force and a large number of government agencies.

MOTOCRAFT's headquarters are located in Alimos, in modern facilities with showroom and other areas that exceed 2,900 square meters in total and is DIN EN ISO 9001 2015 certified. Despite the radical changes and diversification of the market in recent years, MOTOCRAFT is entering its third decade of bussiness dynamically, with undiminished energy, unchanged ethos, dedication and professionalism and at the same time, takes even greater care to obtain maximum satisfaction from the products it distributes and honours both long-standing and new relationships with its customers.