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VesselView Mobile is a Bluetooth accessory module that can be used in conjunction with SmartCraft enabled engines, the VesselView Mobile app (iOS or Android) and your smart mobile device


Now you can have the power of SmartCraft on your mobile device (iOS or Android) with all the digital data your SmartCraft engine supports.






  • Connects the SmartCraft data network to your iOS or Android mobile device via BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0)
  • See all the SmartCraft engine parameters: fuel flow, water temperature, oil & water pressures, battery voltage, RPM, etc (parameters available are specific to each engine family)
  • Get fault code diagnostic information so you know and understand if that fault is something to be addressed when you return back to the dock or it is something more significant
  • Get mapping information for your body of water: location, record a moment on the water, fuel & restaurant locations and more
  • Dealer Locator and Primary Dealer selector
  • Checklists associated with your boating lifestyle
  • Maintenance reminders and historical maintenance information logs
  • Web-based account to dive deeper into your connection with your boat – analyze fuel consumption trip to trip and year to year, relive those wonderful family trips or fantastic fishing moments
  • Compatible with all Mercury SmartCraft-capable engines built since 2003 (40 HP and up)





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